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Leviticus Chapter 27




¹ The LORD spoke to Moses, saying: ² Speak to the people of Israel and say to them; when a person makes an explicit vow to the LORD concerning the equivalent for a human being, ³ the equivalent for a male shall be from twenty to sixty years of age the equivalent shall be fifty shekels of silver by the sanctuary shekel.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 1 to 3)

Oh God, my Father when someone makes a promise to You one is to keep that vow or promise. I may have failed in this many times, however, although I did so, there were areas where I am still firm in my commitment, such as that of following You and obeying Your will. I pray that You help me in following the signs that You are showing me, by means of the events that are taking place Amen. Please give me Your guidance and show me the way so that I can follow and be with You. Amen.

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Show me the way oh God

⁴ If the person is a female, the equivalent is thirty shekels. ⁵ If the age is from five to twenty years of age, the equivalent is twenty shekels for a male and ten shekels for a female. ⁶ If the age is from one month to five years, the equivalent for a male is five shekels of silver, and for a female the equivalent is three shekels of silver. ⁷ And if the person is sixty years old or over, then the equivalent for a male is fifteen shekels, and for a female ten shekels.  If any cannot afford the equivalent, they shall be brought before the priest and the priest shall assess them; the priest shall assess them according to what each one making a vow can afford.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 4 to 8)

Oh God, my Father You are the only one who has made promises and truly kept them. It seems that a promise is a serious thing, and when going into a commitment one is to be faithful and loyal. Moreover, it seems that nobody is free or excused from not being a committed person, even if the person is a child or an elder. We all have our commitments, whether we are children at school, keepers of the home, an employee at work and even parent in one's family. Therefore my God and Father it also follows that one is to be careful in what commitment we choose to follow, for every choice hs its price Amen.

⁹ If it concerns an animal that may be brought as an offering to the LORD, any such that may be given to the LORD, shall be holy.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verse 9)

Oh God, my Father we are all offerings to You and therefore You have made us holy. I pray that I always give You thanks for this gift. I pray that You help me in preserving this gift of holiness and please protect me from spoiling or losing this gift by means of my sins Amen.

¹⁰  Another shall not be exchanged or substituted for it, either good for bad or bad for good; and if one animal is substituted for another, both that one and its substitute shall be holy.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verse 10)

Oh God, my Father if You have chosen us to fulfil a particular role or mission we cannot replace that person with somebody else because this would not be according to Your will. Oh God, my Father You know that I am passing through a very hard time. Even though I wish to leave this job and go back to my old one, for some reason You are not permitting this to take place. It could be that You have actually chosen me for this job. If so I would like all You help for the situation has become dangerous and chaotic. Amen.

¹¹  If it concerns any unclean animal that may not be brought as an offering to the LORD, the animal shall be presented before the priest. ¹² The priest shall assess it; whether good or bad, according to the assessment of the priest, so it shall be.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 11 to 12)

Oh God, my Father, I thank You for giving us people who are called to be priests. Even though there have been recent events that do not throw a positive light on them in relation to the abuse of children, even though I experienced a close encounter myself, I still have respect for You chosen ones. I also pray that You keep on calling more, for Your flocks need such people by whom You guide us Amen.

¹³  But if it is to be redeemed, one-fifth must be added to the assessment.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 13)

Oh God my Father as sinners in part or in whole in this world or in the world to come which can either be our heavenly home or the fires of hell we are to experience the consequences of our sins, so that before we appear in Your presence we would be purified of them and be worthy to appear in Your presence Amen.

¹⁴  If a person consecrates a house to the LORD, the priest shall assess it; whether good or bad, as the priest assesses it, so it shall stand. ¹⁵ And if the one who consecrates the house wishes to redeem it, one-fifth shall be added to its assessed value, and it shall revert to the original owner.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 14 to 15)

Oh God, my Father I would also wish to consecrate our house and all who live in it to You. May we all live with You and by You. May You please consecrate our thoughts and actions and make them holy being according to Your will. Amen.

¹⁶. If a person consecrates to the LORD any inherited landholding, its assessment shall be in accordance with its seed requirements: fifty shekels of silver to a homer of barley seed. ¹⁷ If the person consecrates the field as of the year of Jubilee, that assessment shall stand; ¹⁸ but if the field is consecrated after the jubilee, the priest shall compute the price for it according to the years that remain until the year of jubilee, and the assessment shall be reduced.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 16 to 18)

Oh God my Father in this respect may all our lives or all the days of our lives be days of Jubilee, may our spiritual progress double and triple, may others continue to benefit from the graces, gifts and talents that You consecrate us with Amen.

¹⁹ And if the one who consecrates the field wishes to redeem it, then one-fifth shall be added to its assessed value, and it shall revert to the original owner; but if the field is not redeemed, or if it has been sold to someone else, it shall no longer be redeemable. ²¹ But when the field is released in the jubilee, it shall be holy to the LORD as a devoted field; it becomes the priest's holding.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 19 to 21)

Oh God, my Father, I pray for those of us, who have consecrated their lives to You as priests and nuns, or in any other role in the Roman Catholic Church even as popes and later on arrived at a point where they could not keep on fulfilling the role that You had assigned to them. I pray that You give them peace, love, faith and harmony in the form of life that they have chosen, and that You will not hold it against them Amen.

²² If someone consecrates to the LORD a field that has been purchased, which is not a part of the inherited landholding, ²³ the priest shall compute for it the proportionate assessment up to the year of Jubilee, and the assessment shall be paid as of that day, a sacred donation to the LORD. ²⁴ In the year of jubilee the field shall return to the one from whom it was bought, whose holding the land is. ²⁵ All assessments shall be by the sanctuary shekel; twenty gerahs shall make a shekel.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 22 to 25)

Oh God, my Father I thank You for bargaining and shedding Your blood for the salvation of my soul even though I directly do not pertain to the original blood of the Hebrew people who were and still are the apple of Your eyes since they were the original chosen people Amen. I pray that when the time come sinners such as myself will be returned back to their rightful owner which is You from whom as a creature I claim as being my original owner Amen.

²⁶ A firstling of animals, however, which as a firstling belongs to the LORD, cannot be consecrated by anyone; whether ox or sheep, it is the LORD's. ²⁷ If it is an unclean animal, it shall be ransomed at its assessment, with one-fifth added; if it is not redeemed, it shall be sold at its assessment.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 26 to 27)

Oh God my Father the person who was the firstborn always had the priority and superior value in the family, however in practice there in the family constellation our birthplace whether the first second or third makes a great effect on how much we copy from our parents. The traits are those similar to those of the parents as in the following video clip. Even though not all can be the firstborn I believe we are all special before You Amen.

How birth order effects us

²⁸ Nothing that a person owns that has been devoted to destruction for the LORD, be it hunan or animal, or inherited land-holding, may be sold or redeemed; every devoted thing is most holy to the LORD.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 28 )

Oh God, my Father when promising ourselves and our lives to You we are to keep our commitment, for what and who has been dedicated to You cannot be redeemed. Moreover, our souls that are also precious and our bodies cannot be forsaken and destroyed by wars, abortion or euthanasia or over-consumption of food and alcohol or substance abuse. We are holy to God.

²⁹ No human beings who have been devoted to destruction can be ransomed; they shall be put to death.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 29 )

Oh God, my Father I thank You for having paid the ransom for my salvation and did not leave me to perish as a consequence of my sins and experience the penalty of everlasting physical and spiritual death in hell Amen. Thank You for giving me many chances to turn back from my ways.

³⁰ All tithes from the land, whether the seed from the ground or the fruit from the tree, are the LORD'S; they are holy to the LORD. ³¹ If persons wish to redeem any of their tithes, they must add one-fifth to them. ³² All tithes of herd and flock, every tenth one that passes under the shepherd's staff, shall be holy to the LORD.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 30 to 32 )

Oh, brothers and sisters of all tribes and nations we are to protect nature and also our natural and social environments, for we are living on property that is not ours and that one day we are to be accountable for all our actions. Amen.

³³ Let no one inquire whether it is good or bad, or make substitution for it; if one makes substitution for it, then both it and the substitute shall be holy and cannot be redeemed. ³⁴ These are the commandments that the LORD gave Moses for the people of Israel on Mount Sinai.

(Leviticus Chapter 27 verses 33 to 34)

Oh God, my Father, I am a person who is sensitive and aware of what is according to Your will and what is not according to Your will, what is morally good from what is not morally good. I am standing sandwiched between a system that is disadvantaging people instead of helping people and the people themselves. I am feeling morally guilty for those people who are being disadvantaged by the same system I am working in. I am aware that when my time comes I would need to be accountable for my actions even though this is not my personal issue but that of the organisation. I pray oh God my Father that You save me from this corrupt and sinful situation where as a consequence of indecision from many parts along with the final decisions of other parts there are those who will be deprived of their means of livelihood and opportunities to advance in life which is not fair.

Oh God, my Father, I would like to end the last chapter of the book of Leviticus on which I have been praying since the year 2015 to this very day the 19 of January 2017 with the following prayer.

Oh God, my Father, I would like to thank You for all the messages and instruction that You have given me throughout these two years. This tuition in Your school has helped me in my spiritual and social development. I pray that all who share this experience will also experience the same positive effects Amen. May all who meditate on the book of Leviticus and all the books of the Holy Bible receive all the blessings within each verse and page Amen. God bless all. thank You, Jesus.

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